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About Language Playroom


Language Playroom is created and maintained by one speech-language pathologist with CCC-SLP certifcation and six years of experience creating and implementing speech and language therapy materials for school-aged children.


Language Playroom is intended to be an online library of tools and activities for speech and language therapy activities that can be used by clinicians, families, or individuals for speech and language interventions. The site is designed to be extremely accessible, with appealing and clear visuals that should be accessible for many ages and reading levels. Although it is designed with children in mind, it can easily be used for adults with communication disorders, as well as English language learners, or as a suppliment to academic content for English/Language Arts uses.


Development on the Language Playroom began in early February of 2020. It was beta tested during March of 2020 and first released for public use in April 2020.


Language Playroom is currently designed for web use, especially for teletherapy paradigms where a SLP may be sharing a screen with a client. The site does not utilize Flash player at all, only Javascript and HTML5. It has not been completely tested on mobile devices, but some of the site will be functional on mobile. If you have any suggestions or input about mobile use of the site, please go submit it on the Contact Page.


High quality educational materials should be accessible to anyone and everyone, so the site is and will always be 100% free to use, to ensure access for everyone, regardless of financial access. School-based SLPs are often given limited budgets, or may have small offices. Language Playroom takes up zero space in a classroom, and currently has articulation practice for over 3,000 vocabulary words and 60 picture books, without having to manage and shuffle flashcards or fill up a bookcase. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many school-based SLPs are scrambling to find high-quality online materials, which Language Playroom hopes to accomodate for. Finally, for families who want to ensure carryover of speech skills or have at-home practice, these materials provide more accessible specialized practice.


This site has been coded in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The games featured on the site, as well as the structural framework, are edited from coding frameworks made free and public online. The Credits page can be found above and at the bottom of every page for details. Each vocabulary word image was curated by the site administrator and comes from royalty free images. The books featured on the site are either written by the site administrator, or been released for public domain usage, and retain the copyright information on their pages.


The site currently has the majority of its framework in place, which means that updates should be fast and are expected to currently take place every two weeks. There are a few currently in-progress updates. The first is for the articulation section; the current total word count is around 3,000 words, but some areas like /th/ and /z/ have limited vocabularies and need expansion to be able to practice through an entire speech session. There is a current plan for activities designed to target 36 different language areas, with different levels of complexity across the four developmental categories (the left side organization of the site). Fluency and Social areas are likely first to be updated so that each area of the site can be utilized.

How to Help?

The most labor intensive element of creating this site is the phonetic transcription of words for the articulcation areas of the site. Each word is phonetically transcribed within the code of the website, so that, for example, the word "cat" will pop up for practice for initial /k/ words as well as final /t/ words, as well as a CVC word and a one syllable word. If any site users with knowledge of General American English phonetic transcrpition would like to help make the site better, this would be the best way. Please provide your information via the Contact form if you are interested, or if you run another site or source of educational materials that you would like featured in the external links.

Language Playroom is 100% FREE

Language Playroom is an accessible resource for parents, teachers, and professionals that relies ONLY on donations to run. It is designed, coded, maintained, and run by one individual speech-language pathologist who would greatly appreciate your support if you use this site. Click on the image below to donate via Ko-Fi.

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