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ABCYa has a great array of games with educational content. The creative games where you make items like pizza, ice cream, or a gingerbread house are all great for eliciting language.

Mommy Speech Therapy

Mommy Speech Therapy is a great site with resources especially useful for younger children.

The Speech Stop

The Speech Stop has a ton of amazing resources and ideas for targetting speech sounds for both families and clinicians.

Home Speech Home

Home Speech Home has a great resource of word lists and language activities.

K5 Learning

K5Learning has an excellent selection of worksheets and activities for reading comprehension over many reading levels.


The American Speech and Hearing Association also has a great number of resources for speech therapy, especially online services and changes due to COVID-19.

Speaking of Speech

Speaking of Speech has a massive amount of resources for online speech therapy targetting all sorts of goals.

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a super creative and engaging game where you combine elements to discover the world. It is great for eliciting language and teaching relationships between objects as well as cause/effect. The original version of the game is a little more simple and kid-friendly.

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